Organising a Stag Do

05 Feb Organising a Stag Do


We know what a stressful and thankless task organising a stag do to Newquay can be, so we’ve combined our decades of cumulative experience and vast knowledge of Newquay to put together the ultimate guide to organising a stag do in Newquay.


tick box Choose & provisionally reserve a centrally located, value for money, group specialist hotel with good TripAdvisor reviews

tick box Choose & provisionally reserve one or two adrenaline filled group activities

tick box Provisionally reserve mini-bus hire and secure a driver. It’s the best and cheapest way to travel. Add the cost into the budget.

tick box Enquire about reserving VIP entry into Sailors Night Club & Wild Cherry Gentlemen’s Club

tick box Set up an account on Pay By Group

tick box Add up the above costs, add a £10 per person buffer, set a deadline for payment and ask every to pay you in Pay By Group

tick box Get back in touch with the hotel, the activities providers, the mini-bus hire company and the clubs and pay for everything. Keep the extra £10 per person buffer back encase there are any unexpected costs or cancellation fees. You can always put it in the beer kitty if you still have it when you get there

tick box Collate the information, draw up a rough itinerary, set up a Facebook Event, add all the stags to the event and put all the information in the event info. Ask everyone to use this page when they have questions, so that everyone is on the same page and you don’t have to answer the same question to 15 different people by text


When you’re deciding on an accommodation provider, there are a few key things to look out for:

Your fellow stags aren’t going to be impressed if you’ve saved them £5 each, only to find out they have to walk 20 minutes or pay £5 for a taxi every time they want to get into town. Stay somewhere centrally located in the heart of the action.

Even if you’re budget is a little more flexible, there are bound to be people in the group that have a much stricter budget. Identify the cheapest few group specialist hotels and compare them. Don’t always go for the absolute cheapest though, they’re usually the cheapest for a reason.

TripAdvisor Rating/Reviews
Don’t expect or even look out for 5 star reviews. If they have a super high rating, the likelihood is they’ll either be too expensive or too posh to accept a stag do. Aim for a budget hotel that has around 4 stars. If they accept groups and they have a 4 star rating, chances are they are very good at what they do.

Group Tolerance
Not many hotels accept stag/hen groups, but there will often be a few properties that specialise in group bookings. Seek these out, then choose the best one.

Newquay has a distinct lack of parking, but some accommodation providers do have a number of limited spaces. Choose a hotel with parking and book it early!

For more information, check out our infographic on the best specialist stag/hen hotels in Newquay


Dubbed ‘the UK’s hub of extreme sports’, Newquay is packed with activities that are perfect for stag groups. Here are a list of our recommended activities & suppliers:

Surfing Lessons (£25) – Newquay Surfing School
Zorbing (£30) – Cornwall Zorbing Park
Paintball (fr £17) – Newquay Paintball
Coasteering (£35) – Newquay Surfing School
Go Karting (fr £45) – St.Eval Go Karting



Newquay’s infamous nightlife regularly attracts some of the world’s biggest DJs and Newquay is even home to not one, but two of the UK’s biggest music festivals – BoardMasters and Beach Break Live.

Newquay is also one of the UK’s top stag and hen destinations, so as you’d expect, there are plenty of bars and clubs.

Newquay Bars:

Cribbar – the new kid on the scene has, in our opinion, just sneaked the top spot. Located right in the centre of town, with plenty of space, a modern interior and prices from £2 a pint, it’s hard to beat this JD Weatherspoons pub.

WalkAbout – The WalkAbout has a fantastic location, in the heart of the town and overlooking Towan Beach. Its huge interior and large screens showing every live sport available make it hugely popular with stag groups. It’s currently undergoing a £400,000 renovation and should be completed by the time the 2015 season hits.

Central – As the name suggests, this bar is located right in the centre of Newquay and has long been one of Newquay’s most popular bars – although the prices can often reflect this.

Chy Bar – Famous for it’s student nights, Chy Bar is centrally located, it has fantastic views, a built in night club and is next door to Newquay’s only gentlemen’s club – Wild Cherry.

Sailors Arms – The Sailors Arms is the smallest bar/pub on our list, but it does boast a balcony with arguably the best views out of all of them. It’s also just a stumble away from Newquay’s most popular nightclub – useful!

Newquay Night Clubs:

Sailors – Sailors is undoubtably Newquay’s most popular night club and it regularly attracts world famous DJs. It’s also just a 100 yard walk from Newquay’s mains bars.

Cribbar – If you don’t fancy moving onto a club, it would appear you’re not alone. Cribbar has a huge dancefloor and many choose to stay in Cribbar until the early hours.

Newquay Strip Clubs:

Wild Cherry – Newquay is now home to just one gentlemen’s club. You’ll find it right in the centre of town, between Cribbar, Chy Bar and WalkAbout.


Group meals are a fantastic way to break the ice and bring people together on stag weekends where often lots of people haven’t met before. They also provide a chance to sit down and laugh about last nights antics. There are lots of places to eat in Newquay, but a select few places are best for large groups of stags. Here are our top picks:

WalkAbout – Cheap prices, half decent food and ample space even for the largest of groups, WalkAbout is a great choice for stag parties. Get in touch in advance and they’ll even through in a few freebies for you.

Newquay Meadery – This fantastic restaurant do special group deals and serve up huge portions of meat. Exactly what you need to line those stomachs for the long night ahead.

Cribbar – Short on time? Grab a beer and a burger for less than £5 at this JD Weatherspoons Bar.

The BullPit SmokeHouse & Bar – The new kid on the block is getting lots of attention. This authentic American smokehouse style restaurant serves baby back ribs to die for. It’s also right in the centre of town, so you can stumble out in one of Newquay’s many bars.



Friday AM – Board mini-bus & head for Newquay

Friday 2pm – Go zorbing at Cornwall Zorbing Park

Friday 4pm – Check in at Hotel Sunnyside

Friday 5pm – Group meal at WalkAbout

Friday 7pm – Beer Pong Tournament at Hotel Sunnyside

Friday 10pm – Head into town for continued drinks, followed by VIP entry to Wild Cherry Gentlements Club


Saturday 9am – Group breakfast at Hotel Sunnyside

Saturday 10am – Surfing Lessons at Newquay Surfing School

Saturday 1pm – Beach BBQ at Newquay Surfing School

Saturday 6pm – Group meal at The Bullpit

Saturday 8pm – Beer Pong Tournament at Hotel Sunnyside

Saturday 10pm – Head into town for continued drinks, followed by VIP entry to Sailors Night Club


Sunday 10am – Group breakfast at Hotel Sunnyside

Sunday 12pm – Depart Newquay

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