Not just about surfing….

28 Apr Not just about surfing….

Group holidays these days are much more than laying on Fistral beach recovering from the night before(although still very popular). With Cornwall having an activity explosion, here are some group ‘things to do’ whilst you are in Newquay

Coasteering AKA jumping of rocks under supervision…
Jump, scale, play along the Cornish coast from point to point with Adam and his team at Newquay Surf School. Don’t be scared, there are plenty of options for the fainthearted and you will have just as much fun exploring the caves and bobbing around in the ocean.

Formula fun
Tucked away in a rural location about 20 mintues from Newquay is the largest and fastest kart circuit in the Southwest. Perfect for a group booking, you can take part in the awesome F1 Challenge. The winner will receive a trophy presentation. The slowest of the group, a booby prize!

Deep sea fishing
This team activity is great for bonding a group of friends as it’s all about working together to catch your supper! Travelling up to 8 miles of the Cornish coast from Newquay Harbour you will get to explore the rugged Cornish coast and take home the catch of the day.

Superman skywire
You have to travel about 40 mins from Newquay to get here but I promise you will not be disappointed. If as a little boy (or girl) you dreamt of flying through the air superman style, your dream is about to come true. The skywire is 660 metres long and 97 metres high and reaches speeds of up to 60mph. Its also a great way to see the Eden project if you are short on time as you head straight over the top! This is the ultimate fix for adrenaline junkies.


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